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Ganesha Shaligram Murti - I


INR 15,525


Shree Ganesha magnificently designed and carved on sacred Shaligram stone from Gandaki Kali River in Nepal. Ganesh is featured in seated pose richly designed and intricately carved to standard of excellence. The artistic carving beautifully features the rich design of jewels, and forehead and physical attributes in realistic manner breathing life into the divine idol. Lord Ganesh raising lower right hand in Abhyam mudra signifies assurance of protection, His lower left palm holding sweet signifies sweet fruits of devotion and upper arms are seen holding weapons. the spiral impression at back with golden trace add to the charm of this idol. Lord Ganesh is remover of obstacles in the path to success and bestower to intellect and wisdom to attain success. Those venturing into new business undertaking will highly benefit from divine worship of Lord Ganesha. He is associated with the root chakra which represents material well-being, survival and stability. Worshipping Him His worship has balancing effect on the Chakra. Shaligram is a sacred stone which radiates high frequency vibes. It brings peace and dispel negativity and effectively removes Vastu defects. This sacred idol is to be placed in puja altar for auspiciousness.

The Shaligram stones are stone formed naturally several years ago with unique impression, shape and marks. They are iconic representation of Lord Vishnu and highly revered by devotees of Vishnu. Its worship includes abhishek ritual done with Tulsi water and combination of items like curd, cow milk, honey, ghee and sugar. Its worship brings immense benefits and happiness. At home it blesses one with six values like good health, creation of wealth, protection from negativity, spiritual progress, pleasure and noble way of life.

Height: 3.5 inches
Base Dimension: 3.1 (L) x 1.4 (W) inches
Weight: 302 gms