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Gauri Shankar - 19 Mukhi from Nepal

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This rudraksha brings blessings from Lord Narayana. Illuminates the mind with immense power, unconditional love and spiritual consciousness. Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is the Unified form of male and female energies represented by Shiva and Shakti. It opens up the Hrit Padma chakra and illuminates the conciousness of the wearer. Hrit Padma chakra is the spiritual heart which is the abode of Goddess Mahalaxmi. It is variously described as a lotus with 8, 16, or 1000 petals, being golden, red, or white of colour; inside of the lotus there are circular regions of sun, moon, and fire and in the centre of the Chakra, there are a whishing-tree (kalpavriksha), a throne consisting of Matrika letters (symbolizing the spiritual heart of the aspirant) on which he/she should place his or her Ishtadevata in meditation, and an altar.

Gauri Shankar comes in different mukhis and beads from 4 mukhi till 21 mukhi have been found till date. Each type works on the Hrit Padma chakra and illuminates the wearer according to the divine Godhead ruling that mukhi. Read more

For: Awakening of divine conciousness, peace, abundance and harmony.
Ruling God: Shiva and Parvati
Ruling planet: Venus
Mantra: "Om Aim Hreem Yugalrupanaye Namah"
Mantra: Narayana Gayatri

Origin: Nepal
Bead Size: 30 MM

Stringing Instructions

The exact bead shown in above picture would be sent to you.