Goddess Durga marble idol - Big


INR 1,82,930.00


Grandiose Idol of Goddess Durga holding weapons and seated on Lion with rich carving aesthetically crafted in heavy marble is perfect to place in temple or puja room. Intricate golden and coloured paintwork gracefully illustrate serene facial features and elaborative ornaments of Goddess. Idol also accompanied with clothing, ornaments and trident would make a perfect adornment of Goddess Durga on festive and grand puja occasions.

Goddess Durga holding weapons in Her hands personifies self-discipline and selfless service, surrender and devotion. Offering prayers to Goddess Durga provides protection from negative energies and bestows one with mental and physical strength to face struggles in life and achieve success.

Height: 30 inches
Base Dimension: 20" (L) x 5.5" (W)
Weight: 52 Kgs