Goddess Kamakshi marble idol


INR 33,125


A mesmerising Goddess Kamakshi Idol made of White Marble, hand painted in vibrant long lasting colours. The Idol is carved with dexterity, to depict Goddess Kamakshi sitting on a pedestal, with Her legs folded in Padmasana. The smile, eyes and expression on Her beautifully carved face is endearing. The Golden pillars surmounted by a well crafted arch in the background of the Goddess, adds to the outstanding look of the Idol. In Her two lower hands She is seen holding a bunch of coloured flowers, one in each, Her two upper arms She holds the Goad or Ankush and Pasha or Noose.

Goddess Kamakshi is a form of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva, popularly worshipped in the Southern states of India. She is known as the most beautiful form of Goddess Parvati or Tripura Sundari. The word Kamakshi means the Goddess with eyes filled with desire, which is perfectly depicted in this Idol.

The Goddess Kamakshi Marble Idol ushers auspicious energies when installed in Puja Alter at home or office. Maa Kamakshi is widely worshipped to attract a suitable life partner, for delays in marriage and to be blessed with progeny, especially by those who are facing challenges in conceiving a child. Benevolent Goddess Kamakshi bestows Her devotees with love, prosperity, beauty, charm, knowledge, education, peace, harmony in marital life and family, contentment, removes miseries and fulfils wishes.

The Divine Goddess Kamakshi Marble Idol is truly desirable.

Height: approx. 12 inches
Base Dimension: approx. 7 (L) x 2.3 (B) inches
Weight: approx. 4.390 Kgs