Goddess Mahishasura Mardhini Glittering Photo


INR 45

INR 210


Mahishasura mardhini is a form of Goddess Durga who killed the demon Mahishasura. In each of her ten hands she holds one of the God�s special weapons: Vishnu�s discus, Shiva�s trident, Varuna�s conch shell, Agni�s flaming dart, Vayu�s bow, Surya�s quiver, Indra�s thunderbolt, Kubera�s club, a garland of snakes from Shesh and a lion from the Himalaya. A fierce battle raged between Durga and Mahishasura, but finally she killed him with a spear.

This glittering photo can be put in temple after framing or can be kept in wallet/purse.