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Goddess Saraswati in honey Onyx


INR 17,650.00


Goddess of wisdom, Saraswati in 100% pure Natural Onyx Gemstone of honey colour.

Goddess Saraswati is regarded as the giver of wisdom, education, intellect, speech and education. She is also referred as Vak devi (goddess of speech) and Sakala kaladhishtatri (goddess bestowing all the arts). 

By worshipping Saraswati, students perform well in the examinations. Worshipping Her increases concentration and memory power. 

She holds a book and a rosary in Her rear two hands, while the front two hands are engaged in the playing of Veena. She uses a swan as Her vehicle.

In this Idol, She is carved in Onyx stone. Onyx greater self control & balances the male/female polarities. Astrologically Onyx is associated with Saturn, Earth and the sign of Leo. It is also recommended in feng Shui for building relationships and for spiritual growth.

Height - 5.5 Inches
Base Dimension - 3.5"(L) x 1.9"(B) Inches
Weight: 702 gms


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