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Sphatik Crystal Saraswati - 82 gms


INR 7,800


An exquisite Goddess Saraswati Idol carved from Sphatik or Crystal Gemstone, is favourable for everyone. Goddess Saraswati is depicted sitting on Lotus pedestal, holding the Veena with two of Her hands, Her face has a pleasant expression. Maa Saraswati is highly regarded as the Goddess of knowledge, education, wisdom, music, creative and artistic skills. She epitomises purity.

The Sphatik or Crystal Gemstone amplifies the positive energies of the Deity, clears the energies of the space and makes it pure, holds the energies of Mantra chanting. The Sphatik Crystal Saraswati brings clarity of thought, enhances concentration, memory power, intellect. Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of speech and languages and bestows, clear, impactful speech, supports education and learning of all kind, bestows spiritual understanding and helps in meditation.

The beautiful Sphatik Crystal Saraswati is beneficial for everyone, especially for students, teachers, scholars, musicians, writers, singers, those who are involved in a profession that requires him/her to deliver speech or talk in front of audience, artists, those in creative field, knowledge seekers.

Height: 69.49 mm
Base Dimension: 19.83 (L) x 21.29 (B) mm
Weight: 82 gms