Gomed Goodies earring


INR 150


Gomed: Brazil
Rudraksha: Java

Trendy earrings made with five mukhi Rudraksha and oval Gomed gemstone with german silver accessories.

Rudraksha beads are worn for good health, peace of mind & spirituality. Gomed or Hessonite can help in realizing ones ambitions and achieving success faster. It also helps improve ones interaction and dealing with people and protects against sudden misfortune.

Gomed is cold in nature. It helps alleviate afflictions caused by Rahu and Saturn (Shani). It improves appetite, vitality, bestows good health, wealth and happiness and all-round well being. It is said to be the best gem for averting stomach ailments, and warding off mental problems, evil spirits and disasters.

Bead size: 6 mm (Rudraksha) x 7 mm (Gomed)
No. of beads: 2 (Rudraksha) x 4 (Gomed)
Height: 2 inches