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Gomed Hessonite Shivlinga - 95 gms


INR 2,375


This sacred Shivalingam is crafted from single piece of Gomed (hessonite) gemstone. Shiva since time immemorial has been worshipped in form of Shivalingam. When worshipped at home, a Shivalingam bestows peace, harmony, unity and bliss. This Shivalingam provides additional benefits of the gemstone. It promotes success and attracts wealth and also helps dispels fear and stress. The Shivalingam is highly beneficial for those suffering from malefic of Rahu planet.

The word Lingam is derived from the two Sanskrit words laya (dissolution) and agaman (recreation). Thus the Lingam symbolizes both the creative and destructive power of the Lord and great sanctity is attached to it by the devotees. A gemstone Shivling is considered highly auspicious and is said to have one of the highest frequency vibration rate. The worship of a Shiva Lingam always includes an abhisheka usually of milk and water, but commonly with other liquids, including yogurt, honey and clarified butter as well.

Height: 1.8 inches
Length of yoni base: 1.8 inches
Base Diameter: 1.3 inches
Weight: 95 gms