Gomedh Kurma - 250 gms


INR 6,250


Gomedh or Hessonite gemstone Kurma(Tortoise) carved meticulously, in detail, from Gomedh gemstone. Lord Vishnu appeared in the Kurma avatar when a base was required for the Mandara mountain to be placed on it for the legendary churning, during Samudra Manthan.

The Kurma is considered an auspicious symbol and kept in residence or workspace which helps in fulfilment of wishes and steady progress bringing in favourable outcome. Gomedh is a gemstone which is ruled by the planet Ketu. Considered to be a planet which gives malefic effects, Ketu, mostly causes mental tension, confusion, emotional, financial, marital distress and a miserable time.

The Gomedh Kurma is perfect to go through malefic period of Ketu with ease. The Kurma supports to persevere in times of difficulty. The Gomedh Kurma brings harmony, good luck and longevity giving relief to anyone affected by negative effects of Ketu.

The Godmedh Kurma on work desk or in living space to gain the benefits it offers.

Height: 1.2 inches
Length: 3.8 inches
Width: 2.2 inches
Weight: 250 gms