Haldi Kumkum Container in Silver - III


INR 7,200

INR 7,560


An attractive Haldi Kumkum container made in pure Silver is apt for daily Puja, special Puja rituals/festivals or auspicious occasions. It has four hexagonal containers and a comfortable holder in the middle. The containers have pretty designs carved on the outside. This set of containers can hold four different Puja ingredients for offering to Deities, like Haldi powder(Turmeric), Kumkum(Vermilion), Chandan or Sandalwood Paste, Akshata(unbroken Rice) etc. It is easy to maintain, easily fits into all Alter sizes and enhances the beauty of your Aarti thali.

The Haldi Kumkum container in Silver can also be used to put tika on family members or guests. It is a useful Puja accessory to gift to loved ones.