Havan Kund (Heavy Iron)


INR 2,550

INR 2,100


This Havan Kund is made from heavy iron and is painted with rustproof paint. This portable Havan kund with handles is of an ideal size and can be conveniently used at home or temple. Havan Kunds made from iron are long-lasting as iron is a strong and durable metal and has a high melting point. Iron is also believed to have purifying properties and Havan Kunds made from iron are completely balanced and of sturdy quality. It is believed that Homas conducted in Iron Havan Kund help remove obstacles, provide protection and increase well-being.

The Havan Kund is focal and most important part for the Homa ritual. It is where the Fire is put on and all offerings are made along with chanting of mantras. It is like a Sanctum Sanctorum for a Yajna. It's a very sacred structure from where the fire communicates all prayers to different deities. The structure itself generates energy to perform the ritual. The vibrations generated through a Homa or Yajna helps cleanse the surroundings and bless devotees with healing, prosperity and progress.