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About Heliodor Stone

About Heliodor Stone (Gemstone)

Heliodor stone is a beautiful semi-precious Yellow gemstone which is also popularly known as Gold Beryl or Golden Beryl and Yellow Beryl. An uncommon gemstone, Heliodor is a collector’s stone. Its attractive color makes dazzling jewelry, like Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, etc. Heliodor was discovered only in 1910 in western Namibia. It was named Heliodor after the Greek Sun God and is said to possess attributes of the Sun. Therefore it has useful healing powers and is considered a stone for physical and mental wellbeing.

Composed of Beryl mineral, Heliodor gemstone gets its attractive Yellow color from the presence of Iron. Its color ranges from pale yellow to Greenish Yellow to Canary Yellow to Golden Yellow (Brownish Yellow). The gemstone stands up to abrasion and generally is available in various cuts.

Heliodor Price: How Much is Heliodor Worth?

Why is Heliodor so expensive?

Heliodor gemstone price is high even though it is a semi-precious stone. This is so because it is a rare stone. The Golden Beryl value primarily depends on color, clarity, cut, and weight. The Greenish Yellow Heliodor stone color is more expensive than the other shades of Yellow Beryl price per carat. Heliodor generally does not have visible inclusions and the clearer stones are preferred and therefore fetch a higher price. The Heliodor price factor also depends on the cut of the gemstone. For example, an Oval shaped Heliodor will cost less than an Emerald or Cushion cut because these cuts result in a lot of waste in the process of cutting. The weight or size of the Heliodor gemstone is also a deciding factor too about the heliodor gemstone price. Heliodor stones that exhibit Chatoyancy, sell at higher Heliodor prices.

Heliodor and Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, the different Yellow hue of this gemstone has a different combination of Planets ruling them, Planet Jupiter being the primary Planet. Therefore the different color of Heliodor has different attributes of the combined ruling planets:-

Greenish Yellow Heliodor - Planet Jupiter with Planet Mercury

Golden Yellow or Gold Brownish Yellow - Planet Jupiter with Planet Mars

Pale Lime (Yellow) Heliodor - Planet Jupiter with Sun

Orange Yellow Heliodor - Planet Jupiter with Moon

The color of the Heliodor is suggested as per the Birth chart or Kundli of the native, depending on which Planet needs to be balanced for giving a favorable outcome.

When wearing for Astrological purposes it is important to wear natural Heliodor stone. Wearing heated and treated Gold Beryl does not give the desired result as it loses its original properties. To get the maximum benefit, buy natural Heliodor from a reputed and trusted shop or gemstone dealer.

Where to Buy Heliodor Stone

Rudra Centre offers superior quality, genuine, untreated, unheated natural Heliodor for sale. Heliodor stone with us is of the prized Greenish Yellow color, cut perfectly in different shapes, in various sizes/weights. The Heliodor price per carat with us is the most economical in the market. Buy Heliodor online with us and your order will reach you, safely packed within a few days of you placing the order. Our gemstones are energized and ready for use. The Heliodor price we offer is the best in the market.

Heliodor Stone Benefits

  • The rare natural Heliodor gemstone brings overall wellbeing to the wearer.
  • Gold Beryl stone imparts knowledge, wisdom, confidence, success in every aspect of life.
  • Backed by Planet Mercury, Greenish Yellow Heliodor enhances communication skills, intellect, creativity, etc.
  • Heliodor brings good opportunities in job and business, draws energies of prosperity and growth.
  • It works on the Thymus Chakra and helps to be forgiving and compassionate.
  • This stone is very effective in providing relief from worries and anxieties.
  • It boosts the immune system, heals diseases of the Throat and Lungs.
  • Meditating on and wearing the Heliodor stone heightens your intuitive power.
  • Gold Beryl is a stone of positivity and hope.
  • Heliodor protects the wearer from harmful, evil energies.

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