Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp - Cylinder


INR 1,600.00


Natural Himalayan rock salt lamp in cylindrical shape with tint of red and pink is made of salt extracted from Indo-Ganegtic plains. It generates natural ions when heated with easy plug-in USB which helps neutralize the electromagnetic pollution generated by electronic items.

  • Dispels stress, fatigue and weariness
  • Enhances mood and concentration
  • Improves sleep cycle and productivity

  • Height: 3.9 inches
    Base Dimension: 2.9 inches
    Weight: 827 gms

    Placement: You may place on work or study desk, near entrance or near the bed or in living room for positive energies.

    Usage: It has to be lit 24x7. If not lit, there would be accumulation of water due to the hygroscopic (water retaining) nature of salt.

    Voltage: 15 volts and above. It consumes less electricity.

    Please note: Rock salt is soft and shows cracks(layers) and fissures on the surface and this does not impact its natural benefits.


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