Hina Attar


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The Hina Attar is a perfect blend of 75 natural herb oils, including Hina and has a sweet minty aroma. It lasts for hours, only with the application of a small dab of it and soothes the nerves and mind. It is connected with the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra, which can support in creative visualization.

Attar or Ittar is concentrated perfume made from natural oils, extracted from herbs, plants, flowers, bark of tress and spices. As it is concentrated, applying only a droplet of it is enough to enjoy its aroma which lasts for long duration.

Hina Attar has many benefits and helps in de-stressing, sleeping well, alleviates depression, has a cooling effect on the mind and body. You can put a droplet on the temples of forehead to get relief from headaches and it is also said to aid in healing Eczema.

The Hina Attars come in sleek bottles of different sizes, packed in attractive Jute pouches. Hina Attars are a must have for everyone and serves as caring gifts for loved ones.

How to use Attar
  • Hina Attar can be applied on body or clothes as perfume. The ideal way to apply it is to dab just a bit of it on the inner side of your wrists and before it dries, apply a bit behind earlobes with the inside of wrists.
  • Hina Attar is widely used for Aroma therapy. Add a few droplets of the Hina Attar to water and use in Diffuser to fill the space with its healing aroma.
  • Add drops of it to unscented massage cream, oils, lotions for relaxing the body and soothing it. You can add a drop to your bathing water for cooling effect on the body, especially during summer.
  • Wear Hina Attar or use in Diffuser while meditating, for its calming effect.
  • Roll on the fragrant Attar or use the application stick to take a small drop on finger tip & apply behind ears and on wrist, for best result.