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About Attars

Natural Attars

What is Attar?

Attars are divergent aroma and relinquish a feeling of sensuality to the user. India is known for its Attars with robust fragrance. The attributes of Attars from India are acknowledged globally. They are organically extracted from plants with utter care and are pure extracts. They do not involve any chemical process. We, at Rudra Centre sell a variety of Attars like Rose, Lavender, Sandalwood and many more.

What is Attar made of?

Attars are natural oil extracts obtained from plants, herbs, flowers, etc. They are distilled with water which makes them safe to use. The extraction of Attar is either done through hydro distillation or steam distillation.

What are the uses of Attar?

  • It is applied on skin as a perfume.
  • It can be applied for its soothing effect.
  • Anyone wearing their favourite Attar will experience a positive change in the mood.
  • A drop or two of Attar can be dabbed on a handkerchief.
  • It is sprinkled on the guests while welcoming them, especially during weddings.
  • Attar is also used in Aromatherapy sessions.
  • Few drops of your preferred Attar can be added in the diffuser along with other Essential Oil.
  • It is added to massage oil to give a relaxing effect.

Different Types of Attar

Floral Attar

Floral scents include Lavender Attar, Jasmine Attar, Rose Attar, Genda Attar, Champa Attar, etc. These scents are available in various sizes and have a sweet fragrance. These Attars are usually applied on the skin as well as used in Aromatherapy. Rose Attar’s fragrance is useful for healing Anahata Chakra while Champa Attar helps in activating the Swadhisthana Chakra. The floral Attar for ladies has a charming essence which lifts the mood.

Puja Attar

Attar is a part of Puja Samagri (ingredients) and is offered for its pleasing fragrance that appeases deities during Puja. You can get a set of Attar for pooja like Pure Lakshmi Attar, Pure Kesar Attar and Shiv Davna Attar from us. It can also be used while meditating for its soothing effect and aroma.

Plant-based Attar

Choya Nakh, Kadam Attar, Hina Attar, Shahanaj Attar, Amber Attar, Patchouli Attar, Agarwood Attar, etc. are from bark of trees. These Attar scents are prepared from the extracts derived directly from the tree’s bark. They have a strong and charming aroma that rejuvenates the mind and body. Many of these Attars are also used by healers.

Is there any Spiritual Significance of Attar?

It is believed that wearing Attar attracts positive energies and dispels evil spirits or negativity. It is said that Saints and Sages in ancient times used to apply Attar for promoting their spiritual progress on the path of enlightenment.

Is it safe to buy Attar online?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy Attar online from reputed dealers who have a strong credibility and positive reviews. To avoid receiving cheap or low quality Attar, always check the user ratings and customer reviews online. You can find many online Attar shops but it is important to verify the seller’s genuineness by contacting them.

Where to buy good quality Attar?

Buying an Attar with natural and long-lasting fragrance is easier at Rudra Centre. Only the best quality Attar for sale are available in our collection. Thousands of clients from across the world have been using Attar bought from us for Chakra healing, Aromatherapy and more.

Why we recommend you to buy Attar from Rudra Centre?

We have a large variety of Attars to suit all types of needs and preferences. These naturally made Attars are safe to apply on skin and recommended for healing different Chakras. We provide flawless service and excellent quality Attars at minimal rates. The Attars are available in various quantities for the convenience of our customers. Our collection has Javadhu Attar, Choya Nakh, Kadam Attar, Hina Attar, Mehandi Attar, Gul Hina Attar, Shahanaj Attar, Genda Attar, Amber Attar, Black Musk Attar, Patchouli Attar, Harsingar Attar, Motia Attar, Lavender Attar, Majmua Attar, Jasmine Attar, Rose - Gulab Attar, Kewra Attar, Saffron - Kesar Attar, Shamama Tul Amber Attar, Attraction Attar, Mitti Attar, Nag Champa Attar, Sandalwood Attar, Champa Attar, White Lotus Attar, Set of 3 Puja Attar, Agarwood Attar and Natural Attar Gift Sets. Attar online shopping with us is easy. Book your order online with us and you will receive the order at your home.

Can these Attar be presented as a gift?

Attar is a precious and thoughtful gift for friends, family, colleagues and dear ones. It has multiple uses which make it the right choice for gifting. Buy the best Attar perfume online for your loved ones from Rudra Centre and experience the positive changes.

What are the key features of these Attar?

  • All the Attars are natural and made without any artificial ingredients.
  • Attars are useful for Puja and therapeutic purposes.
  • Fragrances like Mitti Attar give relief from headache and migraine.
  • The pure Attars in our collection are good for medicinal use.
  • Attars at Rudra Centre come in neat and tight packaging which ensures their safe delivery.

Natural Attar Perfume Price

The Attars in our range of products are priced depending on their quantity and the fragrance . We have Attar for men and the best Attar for women at reasonable prices.