Kewra Water


INR 135


Reaching up to a height of 60 feet in its native land this tropical plant comes from Africa, Polynesia, Australia, and India. Its trunks are ringed with horizontal leaf scars, and roots which grow from miscellaneous spots on the trunk and main stems into the ground. It also acts as a strong base and reduces the danger of the tree being blown over during storms. The leaves are shaped like long thin swords, 2-3 feet in length. Large clusters of male and female hidden flowers are produced on them. The female flowers are followed by large, fleshy fruits that resemble cones. Flowers are not produced when they are small, but they are still often grown for their ornamental foliage. They are easy to grow and make nice houseplants.

Kewda is one of the flowers which are dear to the Indian heart. It is both cultivated and grown wild in coastal areas. Though it can be found in some inland districts but the flowers seem to be at their best in certain coastal localities, the most famous being the Ganjam district of Orrisa. The tree/shrub can reach a height of 18 feet. The flowers have to be plucked early in the morning, as they lose their fragrance quickly after opening.

Because of its characteristic aroma it is prominently used in the food industry. It is also used as spice. It has extensive usage in pharmaceutical industry as it has antiviral, anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Quantity: 100 ml.