Royal Saffron Dhoop Incense - Natural Fragrance


INR 150


The Royal Saffron Dhoop Incense is a blend of natural essential oils, herbs, resin which makes the fragrance authentic and lingering, which creates the perfect spiritual atmosphere for Puja or meditation or to simply keep your dwelling fragrant.

Incense sticks are lit to offer to the Divine deities during Puja, to create a spiritually charged atmosphere and it is believed to eliminate negative energies and invite positive and Divine energies and uplifts the mood.

The rich natural fragrance of Royal Saffron dhoop incense calms down the mind and Saffron is also offered to certain deities to appease them, for which these incense sticks are perfect. Invite the divine energies to your dwelling especially during the festive season.

No. of Sticks: 21
Length Sticks: 6.3 inches
Net Weight: Approx. 65 gms
Toatl Weight: Approx. 120 gms