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Kuber Shaligram Idol


INR 15,525


The idol of Lord Kuber/Kuber Devta, the administrator and distributor of wealth and opulence is carved on sacred Shaligram stone (this stone represents Lord Vishnu). Lord Kuber/Kuber Devta is featured in the seated posture, decked in jewels with His right hand in a blessing pose and left hand holding gold. Carved along the coarse texture of Shaligram, the sincerity and expert skills of the craftsman to carve out a neat image of Lord Kuber is truly commendable. Lord Kuber bestows materialistic comforts, prosperity and attracts new sources of income and wealth. Made in Shaligram stone, placing the idol in the home also helps remove any Vastu imbalances and shortcomings and attracts luck.

Shaligram is a sacred stone, which is collected from the Gandaki Kali River in Nepal. It represents Lord Vishnu Himself, so an idol made of Shaligram does not need to undergo the ritual of Pran Prathistha (life invoking ritual). The worship of Shaligram focuses on six virtues of life, which include the creation of wealth, good health, world, and spiritual pleasures, spiritual progress, protection, and righteous living. The regular worship includes an Abhishekam (sacred bath) with pure water or Tulsi water and with panchamrit (a mix of five substances which includes cow milk, curd, sugar, ghee, and honey).

Height: 2.9 inches
Base Dimension: 2.8 (L) x 1.8 (W) inches
Weight: 262 gms