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Lakshmi Narsimha Idol in Brass


INR 39,425


Elegant Idol of Lord Narsimha seated on beautifully designed throne with Her consort Goddess Lakshmi is crafted in brass. The vivacity of the craftsmanship reflects in traditional south Indian style of craftsmanship which beautifully gives details to clothing and ornaments of the Lord. Goddess seated on Lord’s lap is one of the relaxed forms of Lord. Lord Narsimha is an avatar of Lord Vishnu with Lion face and human body, Who incarnated to protect Her devotee Prahālada. Lord Narasimha is provides protection from negative influences. Place the divine Idol in puja altar for harmony, abundance, protection and prosperity. 

Height: 15.8 inches
Base Dimension: 7 (L) x 9 (W) inches
Weight: 10.910 Kgs