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Lord Vishnu and His incarnations Lord Ram and Lord Krishna are the most revered and worshipped Gods of Hindu Religion. The idols of Krishna, Vishnu and Ram hold a lot of importance to their devotees.

Religious importance of Krishna-Vishnu-Ram Idols

Vishnu, the Supreme Lord is the preserver and protector of the humanity the one responsible for restoring Dharma (moral order) in the world. The incarnations of Vishnu appears whenever there is disorder in the world. Ram and Krishna are two such avatars.

Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and is revered for his ideals and greatness. Ram is one of the important deities in Hindu religion and is referred to as the "perfect man". The life of Ram teaches us endurance while following the path of Dharma.

Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and worshipped across many traditions of Hinduism. Shree Krishna is considered the complete manifestation of Lord Vishnu and is an important aspect of Hindu worship.

With such religious significance, the idols of Krishna, Vishnu and Ram are revered by Hindus everywhere. Lord Vishnu idols are preferred by Vaishnavas and it is believed that the Lord Vishnu idol ill bring about peace prosperity and stability in one's life.

Placing a Lord Ram idol in office instills a feeling of hard-work. Chanting the Ram Mantra before the idol pleases the Lord and he showers His blessing on the devotee.

Krishna idols can be placed at homes or offices to ward off evil spirits and negativity. The idol of Krishna along with His consort Radha ensures marital bliss.

Different types of Krishna Idols, Vishnu Idols and Ram Idols

The different types of Krishna-Vishnu-Ram idols at Rudraksha Ratna include the Ram Darbar idol, Radhe Krishna in Brass, Vishnu Statue in Brass, Divine Idol of Murli Krishna, Virat Vishnu idol, Dancing Krishna on Snake Hoods and many more.

Dattatreya is a Hindu god thought to be a symbol of the three Hindu divine beings Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, on the whole known as Trimurti. Dattatreya is not by any stretch of the imagination a name in light of the fact that Lord Datta never had Naama Samskara. He was known as the One who offered Himself to Atri and over ages that turned into his name. In actuality he is verily the exemplification of the Maha Sankalpa who is the foundation for the appearance of Aadi Parashakti to rise and the Trimutris to rise up out of her.

Different Hindu groups love him in an unexpected way, however Dattatreya is viewed as a type of all the three divinities. He is particularly viewed as a symbol of Vishnu. Dattatreya is perceived as an Avatar or incarnation of Shiva and as the Adi-Guru (First Teacher) of the Adinath Sampradaya of the Nathas. Dattatreya was at initial a "Master of Yoga" displaying particularly tantric attributes; he is drawn nearer more as a kind god than as an instructor of the most astounding embodiment of Indian thought. In any case, profound seekers appeal to this Supreme Teacher for information of the Absolute Truth. We here at Rudra Centre have finely completed Idol of Dattatreya.