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INR 95


A Complete Practical Work on the Sciences of Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy, Containing the System, Rules, and Book Description.

The author William John Warner, known as Cheiro, was an Irish astrologer and colorful occult figure of the early 20th century. His sobriquet, Cheiro, derives from the word cheiromancy, meaning palmistry. He was a self-described clairvoyant who taught palmistry, astrology, and Chaldean numerology. During his career, he was celebrated for using these forms of divination to make personal predictions for famous clients and to foresee world events.

Dimension of Book: 8.6 (H) X 5.6 (L) inches
Width: 0.4 mm
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 198
Language: English
Weight: 250 gms