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Palmistry is a fantastic technique of predicting future happenings in the life of an individual or his/her traits by evaluating the lines on the palm. It is a widely used method and fascinates a lot of people. This topic has many researchers & students so we have a selective range of Indian Palmistry books and books by authors from abroad. These books will enable you to study Palmistry more easily, as the terms and words used are easy-to-understand.


Language of the hand

Cheiro’s “Language of the hand” is a practical guide to the sciences of Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy. The well-known William John Warner has written this book aka Cheiro, and he had a great experience in Palmistry. It is one of his practical works that help us today to learn Cheiromancy.

Instant Palmistry - A Pictorial Guide

Instant Palmistry is a pictorial guide to the interpretation of the lines on your palm. The name is enough to understand the purpose of this book and what you can get from it. This is the best palm reading book that will help you in learning the meaning behind every line on your palm and what it reveals. A lot of important things about Palmistry are covered in “Instant Palmistry – A Pictorial Guide” by Dr. M.Kattakar.

Diagnosis of Diseases By Palmistry and Numerology

Dr. Satish Chandra Agarwal’s “Diagnosis of Diseases By Palmistry and Numerology” is a great work that elaborates various ways to diagnose diseases by using Palmistry and Numerology. These techniques are famous and this is a perfect book that facilitates research in this field. Anyone with an interest in Palmistry can use this book to get an idea of how to analyze the disorders through these methods.

Palmistry Quick and Easy

A quick way to learn Palmistry as this book by Peter Hazel is a fabulous creation. With 174 illustrations, it becomes extremely easy to get information about Palmistry. It is a wonderful technique that allows you to understand your life and other happenings just by analyzing the lines on your palm. This book is a great treasure of knowledge and an amazing gift for your dear ones.


This collection of books is in the English language and the terminology used is well-explained. Since these palm reading books are written for everyone to understand, it becomes a good guide for beginners. The books make for some potential research material because of the incredible information about Palmistry.


These books come in Paperback format and it is a cost-saving factor. They are bound nicely and are quite durable so it makes a good investment if you want to learn Palmistry. Our high-quality books are available for sale.

Where to buy it?

Books related to Palmistry are to be bought from a trusted seller to make sure that you get the original copies. There are duplicate copies in the market so checking the synopsis on the back cover becomes important. You can also take a look at the contents of the book online and then buy the book accordingly.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is a world-renowned brand of spiritual products, gemstones and you can find the best Palmistry books as well. We have the most amazing quality spiritual books that are original and have authentic information. These books are sourced from verified sellers as we only provide good books on Palmistry with reliable knowledge. We deliver across the world so you can order Palmistry books online today from us.

Palmistry Books Price

The price of these books is very minimal and you can get them at the best rate from Rudra Centre. Buy the top Palmistry books from our wonderful range and imbibe the priceless knowledge.