Laxmi Narayana Shaligram


INR 3,000


A Laxmi Narayana Shaligram placed on silver coated sea shell plate helps balances Vastu with the positive vibes of abundance and protection. It is accompanied by a pure silver Tulsi leaf which brings more divinity and auspiciousness. Laxmi Narayan Shaligram bestows good luck, wealth, creativity, perseverance, and harmony. Tulsi and Shaligram together make a highly auspicious and powerful combination which help remove financial problems, fear, unhappiness and diseases and bestow bliss and prosperity. Place it in the North West corner of your dwelling or in your puja altar.

Shaligram is sacred stone collected from Gandaki Kali River in Nepal which represents Lord Vishnu. The worship of Shaligram focuses on six virtues of life which includes creation of wealth, good health, world and spiritual pleasures, spiritual progress, protection and righteous living. The regular worship includes an Abhishekum with pure water or Tulsi water and with panchamrti (combination of five substances which includes cow milk, curd, sugar, ghee and honey).

Dimension of Shaligram:
Length: 2 inches
Width: 1.5 inches
Weight: approx. 50 gms

Dimension of Sea shell:
Length: 4.2 inches
Width: 3.8 inches
Weight: 60 gms

Dimension of Tulsi leaf:
Height 1.4 inches
Width: 0.8 inches
Weight: 0.5 gms

Total weight of set: 180.5 gms