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Lord Kartikeya with his Peacock - II


INR 2,425.00


This gracefully designed brass idol featuring Lord Kartikeya standing on a pedestal is designed in South Indian art form. He is depicted with His four arms and adorning a majestic crown. His right hand is raised in Abhay mudra, the gesture of assurance of protection and left hand in Varad mudra, the boon conferring gesture. He has His powerful weapon – the Vel (spear) by His side which signifies a focused mind dedicated and directed towards goal. In His upper arms He holds a Tanka (chisel), representing skill needed to manifest one’s essence and a Trident, representing clarity, knowledge and wisdom. The fine carvings illustrate His adornments and clothing. Lord Kartikeya signifies skillful action thus He is worshipped for blessings of courage, wisdom, harmony, security, intelligence and love. You may install the idol in your puja altar, living area, office area or near entrance for divine blessings.

Height: 5 inches
Base Dimension: 2 (L) x 1.4 (W) inches
Weight: 367 gms


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