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Idols and Murtis of Lord Kartikeya in Different Design and Sizes

Idols and Murtis of Lord Kartikeya are reverently installed at home in Puja Alter for worshipping or in the living space of homes. Lord Kartikeya, also known as Lord Murugan(in Tamil Nadu), Lord Subramanya Swamy in the Southern states of India. Lord Murugan is a warrior God, the chief commander of Gods/Devas and among His other qualities, He is said to be a personification of perfection, brave, victorious and other such attributes. The handsome, youthful or rather child-like Lord Kartikeya is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and the elder brother of Lord Ganesha. He is depicted with 6 heads or one head, four hands, His vehicle(vahana)is the Peacock and a permanent feature in all Lord Murugan idols. Lord Kartikeya is well known for slaying the terrible Demon, Tarakasura and other demons, as mentioned in the ancient texts. He also has the skill to convert evil into good, as He did with the Demon Surapadma, who surrendered at His feet and who is the Lord's vahana(vehicle), the Peacock.

Worshipped predominantly in Tamil Nadu and other Southern states, the Murugan Brass idols are crafted by South Indian craftsmen skilfully. You will find a vast choice of Lord Murugan idols online, in various styles, postures, with different weapons which have different meanings. However, Lord Kartikeya is also worshipped in other parts of India too, like, in West Bengal during Durga Puja, Goddess Durga and Her family is worshipped, which includes Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya, Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Statues and Idols of Lord Murugan or Subramanya Swamy for Sale

Lord Kartikeya idols come in various material, like Marble, but Lord Murugan Brass idols are most popular among devotees. The Brass Murugan statues, idols, Murtis display different postures, of Lord Kartikeya, crafted carefully, in different styles, displaying the weapons and accessories. The most important or prominent weapon, the Spear, which is said to be a symbol of Shakti, is called Vel, a Thunderbolt in one of His two upper arms, Bow, Arrow and other weapons. It is believed that the kind of weapons and postures of the Subramanya Swamy idols depends on which region of India it is crafted in. So there are Murugan statue for sale, which may have only two weapons, with one lower hand in the Abhaya Mudra, ensuring protection and the other lower hand in the Varada Mudra, for blessings of wishes of the devotee.

Buy Lord Murugan Idols Online at Best Prices

Rudra Centre has an extensive collection Lord Murugan Brass Idols in various styles and sizes. Our Murugan Statues for sale are made of high quality heavy Brass, dexterously crafted in traditional South Indian style and other styles of posture, weapons, accessories etc, and are perfect for your home, workspace or for gifting your loved ones. The craftsmanship of each Murugan Brass statue(idol) or Brass Lord Kartikeya idol, is commendable with well defined face, expression, details of attire, weapons, Crown and other adornments. Some Murugan Brass idols in our collection depict Lord Murugan with the each of the two lower arms in blessing and giving Mudra, which is apt to be kept at home Puja Alter. Browse through our collection and pick your choice for your Lord Murugan statue online shopping. Once you place your order of Subramanya Swamy idol online with us, we efficiently deliver your order to your doorstep, safely packed, within a few days of you placing the order. Buy Murugan statue online with us at the best Murugan statue price.

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Kartikeya Idols at Home

Lord Kartikeya or Lord Murugan is a powerful deity. You can buy Lord Murugan statue online, without having to step out and worship it at your home or workspace. He is the God of victory, love, spiritual wisdom, the compassionate warrior for His devotees. Install the majestic Lord Murugan Brass statue and install at home and keep in your Puja Alter, living space or near the entrance, to bring in the positive energies. You can also keep Lord Kartikeya idol at office or business place and worship to reap the benefits of His Divine blessings.

  • When Lord Kartikeya is worshipped, you are absolutely secure in His protection from all evil and negative forces .
  • Lord Murugan brings courage and confidence to His devotees.
  • Just as Lord Murugan put an end to many Demons, similarly, He helps us to overcome our ego, negative qualities, get over illusions and face reality.
  • He bestows knowledge of all kinds and wisdom, including spiritual, to His devotees.
  • Devotees pray to Lord Murugan for victory and it is granted.
  • Lord Subramanya Swami is the bestows perfect skills.
  • Worship Lord Murugan to usher love in your life and a happy married life.
  • With His divine weapon, the Vel, He relieves devotees of diseases and Karmic bondage.
  • Lord Kartikeya rules over Planet Mars or Mangal and helps to get relief from malefic effects of Mars.
  • If you are caught in legal issues, Lord Murugan brings favourable solutions.
  • Worshipping and performing Homams of Lord Kartikeya with a sincere, pure intention fulfils your desires.