Lord Shiva face in Lapiz Lazuli - 3009 gms


INR 75,225


This innovative sculpting of Lord Shiva face carved on mount Kailas is made in single piece of Lapis Lazuli gemstone. It brilliantly portrays Lord Shiva adorning the crescent moon and being surrounded by snakes, while a Shivalingam is carved in extreme right and His mount Nandi bull adorns the back of the sculpting. The celestial blue colour with mixed tint of white and silver brilliantly resembles the Kailash parvat (mountain) - the divine abode of Shiva and the calmness and divinity on Shiva’s face is very vivid. Endowed with spiritual energies of Lapis Lazuli which promotes truth, clarity, serenity and peace, along with blessings of harmony and spiritual growth, it would make an overwhelming divine home decor.

Height: 7 inches
Base dimension: 11 (L) x 3.9 (W) inches
Weight: 3.009 kgs