Maa Mahakali Locket in Pure Silver - I


INR 1,225


A potent Maa Mahakali Locket carved meticulously in pure Silver, portrays Goddess Mahakali standing with one foot on Lord Shiva's chest, who is lying below. The detailed carving is commendable and Maa Kali's face with Her tongue protruding out, fearful facial expression, Her weapons the Ghadga and Trishul are clearly visible and so are the severed head and Bowl which She holds in Her two left arms. The Locket is a prized spiritual jewelry for devotees which is comfortable to wear daily.

Goddess Kali is the fearsome form of Adi Shakti/Parvati, who destroyed terrible Demons. She is the Goddess of time, Kala and death. Though Maa Kali appears fearful, She is the most loving and compassionate Mother to Her devotees.

Wearing the Maa Mahakali Locket in pure Silver shields the wearer with invincible protection from harm, evil energies, Black Magic, Ghosts etc. Goddess Kali removes fear, bestows courage, power, prosperity, augments spiritual Sadhana and transformation and helps to achieve one's dreams.

The Maa Mahakali Locket in pure Silver is a must buy to imbibe the powerful energies of the Divine Goddess and garner Her blessings.

Dimensions:  0.7 (H) x 0.5 (W) inches
Weight: 2.85 gms

Locket would be attached to red/black thread.