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About God Pendants in gold and silver

Collection of Auspicious Pendants, Rings in Silver and Gold

Beautiful designs, attractive appearance and rich sacral supremacy of Hindu gods and goddesses in the form of auspicious pendants and rings made in gold, silver are considered as one of the most prized possessions of Rudra Centre. Some of the most widely used pendants and rings are as follows-

Shree Yantra ring in gold/silver has a small 3D projection of Meru Yantra. As per Vedas and many other scriptures meru yantra is the most dynamic, powerful and highly praised Yantra. It has power to fulfil worldly desire, heal physical disorders and remove malefic effects of planets. The ring possesses all the powers of yantra and therefore is considered as commanding. Wearing ring will benefit wearer with affluence, peace and harmony. It should be worn in right ring finger with yantra’s face opposite to wearer.

Surya locket represents Lord Sun who gives power and authority to his followers. These lockets are carved with face of Lord Surya.

MahaLakshmi locket represents wealth, new opportunities and prosperity. They are beautifully carved.

Zodiac lockets are very rare to find. At Rudra Centre each zodiac sign has been carved in silver. Each locket represents the power and qualities of that respective zodiac and to be worn by those who are bestowed with that sign.

At Rudra centre all silver lockets are made in pure and genuine silver and gold lockets are made in 22 carat gold. Artisans are highly experienced and always deliver best of their creativity.