Mahakali Murti in Blue Sapphire


INR 1,43,600


Maa Kali, the Divine Mother crafted with dexterity from single piece of natural blue Sapphire gemstone makes a powerful idol to strengthen planet Saturn. The allure of Goddess Kali has been beautifully illustrated in this idol with fine carving and embossed paintwork. The attention to minute details like fine colouring of hair strands in gold, facial attributes in realistic manner reflects the sincere effort and diligence of the craftsman. The natural blue hue of blue Sapphire is beautiful illustration of Maa Kali’s blue complexion signifying the limitlessness of blue sky. Maa Kali is worshipped for protection from negative influences and black magic and spiritual progress. Blue Sapphire promotes wisdom, power of discretion, discipline and growth and pacifies negative effects of planet Saturn.

Elevated on a golden Lotus platform, Goddess Kali is featured standing with Lord Shiva lying underneath Her signifying suppression of death and energy of creation. She adorns a garland of heads representing a mind free of ego which is ready to unite with divine energy for attaining true wisdom. Her adornment of human hands signifies the Karma conducted by hands getting merged into the nature in the end. The weapons held in Her hand including Scimitar signifies power and high knowledge, human head signifies freedom from ego, Trident signifies Her control over creation, protection and destruction and bowl signifies complete destruction of vices. The idol can be installed in your puja altar, living area, place of business or near entrance for protection and divine blessings.

Height: 4.8 inches
Base Dimension: 3 (L) x 1.3 (W) inches
Weight: 2228.6 Carat