Majestic Goddess Lalita in Shaligram


INR 3,50,000


This rarest of the rare idol of Goddess Lalitha Devi also called Tripura Sundari or Sodashi shows Her sitting on a splendid Prabhavali throne with a canopy with Her Shree Yantra. Carved out of a single piece of natural Shaligram stone, it is a rare divine masterpiece which can be made only once in several years. It has been created with utmost precision and fine detailing to brilliantly illustrate the glory of Goddess of Universe, Lalita Devi Who bestows success, beauty, prosperity, knowledge and harmony.

The renowned Lord Tirupati Balaji idol of Tirumala temple is also made in Shaligram stone which explains the significance and power behind carving an idol out of Shaligram stone. Shree Yantra, a sacred geometry adds to the auspiciousness of the idol by drawing and spreading the vibrance of abundance in the surrounding. This rare idol is apt to install in the puja room, lobby area, the centre of living area or place of business.

Shaligram is a sacred stone collected from Gandaki Kali River in Nepal. It is worshipped as a representation of Lord Vishnu for six values - righteous living, spiritual progress, wealth, good health and worldly pleasure. Idols made in this stone, does not require to undergo Pranprathistha ritual because of the divinity residing in the gemstone. This majestic idol is most sought-after for a Shri Vidhya Sadhak (devotee) and one who worships the divine mother.

Height: 16.5 Inches
Base Dimension: 10.0 ( L ) X 5.0 ( B )
Weight: 10.610 kgs