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Majestic Mangalmurti Ganesha in Panchadhatu


INR 48,700


Lord Ganesha, the God of prosperity and auspicious beginnings crafted to a standard of perfection in Panchdhatu. With astounding design and intricate carving, the statue crafted by highly skilled artisans of South India is a brilliant tribute to the inherent beauty of ancient Indian art. Majestically seated on a Pedestal with His attendant, the Mushak (mouse) at base, Lord Ganesha is featured gracefully seated and decked while raising His right hand in blessing pose. His upper right arm holds an axe signifying detachment from worldly bonds which cause sufferings and His upper left arm holds a Goad signifying control and discipline. In the lower left palm, a Modak is seen signifying sweet fruits of devotion in form of salvation. The physical features along with embellishment, weapons and crown have been intricately carved, creating an astonishing artifact which looks lifelike. The perfect finish of the idol and the back of idol crafted with same diligence reflects the sincere determination of the craftmanship. With highly polished finish, the statue makes an essential centerpiece for most aesthetically designed living area, house of office entrance or lobby area. Lord Ganesha is God of knowledge, intellect, prosperity, success and auspiciousness.

Made in Pachdhatu - an alloy of five metals, the statue further adds to the positivity of the decor. Ganesha idols in Pachdhatu are highly revered in Vastu as they pave way for positivity, riches and success. It also removes obstacles, grants protection and attracts auspiciousness and divine grace. Symbolically it represents the balance of Pancha Tattva, five elements of nature thus the balance of life-force energy which is also known as Prana Shakti.

Height: 20.5 inches
Base Dimension: 13 (L) x 10.5 (W) inches
Weight: 21.140 Kgs