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Brass Ganesha Idols

Ganesha is the prime deity worshipped before beginning any task or work as He is known to remove the obstacles. He is one of the most worshipped deities in the Hindu religion and the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The elephant-headed God bestows the worshipper with good luck, intellect and wisdom.

He is known by different names and has various forms too. Vighnaharta (remover of obstacles), Lambodara (the one with a big belly), Vinayak (the Supreme God), Siddhivinayak (the one who gives success), Mushakvahana (the rider of a mouse), Mangalmurti (an auspicious God), Ekdant (having one tooth), etc. are some of the popular names of Ganpati.

We carry the best collection of Brass Ganesha statues made with perfection and a lot of precision. The detailing on the idols is done so well that they look beautiful and add a touch of divinity to your home. You can find Brass Ganesha idol for home, office, Muktidaya Ganesh, Avaneesh Ganesh, Lambodara Ganesh, Ganesha with a turban, Ekadant Ganesh, Dagdu Ganesh, Ganesh on Lotus, Vinayak Ganesh, Standing Ganesh, Mukut Ganesha, Riddhi Siddhi Ganesh, Panchmukhi Ganesh, Ganesha in Punchdhatu, Vighnaharta Ganesh, Elephant Ear Ganesh with stonework, an idol of Lord Ganesha writing the Mahabharat, Vastu Ganesha Murti, Ganesha in leaf, Ganesha with Shivlingam, Divya Ganesh idol with stonework, Lord Ganesha idol with decorative work, Ganesha with a lion, Vastu Ganesh – Kandrishi, Conch Ganesha, Mahodara Ganesha, Hanging Ganesh Bell, Ganesha on the swing, Mahaganpati, Lalbaugh Raja idol, Ganesha with Aarti, Titwala Siddhivinayaka Ganesh, Turban Ganesha with stonework, Vishrant Ganesh with stonework, Musical Ganesha, Ganesha on Lotus Diya and Punchmukhi Ganesha with stonework in our wide collection. We have all forms of Ganesha Idols available with us in Brass in this category. We also have Ganesha Idols in gesmtones, silver, marble, eco friendly mud in other sections of the website.

Brass Ganesha Idol Benefits

Placing the Brass Ganesh murti at home brings happiness, wealth, and prosperity in abundance.

Benefits of placing Ganpati Idols are given below

  • It brings positive vibes to your dwelling and protects you from negativity.
  • It blesses the worshipper with immense joy and success.
  • It removes the hindrances from the path of the worshipper.
  • It helps achieve goals and gain victory.
  • It bestows knowledge and gives you the courage to overpower your fears.
  • It instills patience and increases focus in the worshipper.
  • It brings peace and tranquillity to the home.

Where to place Brass Ganpati idol?

The Ganesha idol can be placed in your home at the entrance or in the living room as a decorative piece. Ganpati symbolizes auspiciousness and invites good fortune to your home. The best placement for Ganesha Idol as per Vastu is the South West corner of the house as Ganpati rules over the Muladhara or Root chakra or the stability corner of the house The deity idol is also perfect for keeping in your puja altar to worship every day and invoke Lord Ganesha.

Where to buy Brass Ganpati murti?

The deity idols are to be bought from a trusted source to be sure of the quality and proper posture of the deity. The details of the God statues are important as they depict the mudra, and each posture has a certain meaning behind it. Always check if the seller is authentic and only then buy the God figurine.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

We, at Rudra Centre, sell original Ganesha idols made in pure brass for worship, gifting, and puja rituals. We have been in the business for over two decades, and we provide authentic Brass Ganesha idols that are skillfully crafted by the top artisans. The stonework, decorative work, and all the minute details are flawless, which makes each idol a masterpiece. Since they are made of high-quality heavy shining brass, the idols are visually appealing and bring vibrancy to the spot where you place them. You can also consult our expert before buying any spiritual product. We ship across the world, so you can order Brass Ganesha idols online today. We will energize the Murti before shipping it to you.

Brass Ganesh murti Price

The price of Ganesha idols differs as per the work and carvings on them. These idols are fine pieces of art and are available at Rudra Centre exclusively. We have the most amazing Ganpati Brass idols that showcase the wonderful artistry, and the quality is true to the prices. Since each murti is hand crafted the price depends on the work put in each of the Idol.