Majestic Natraja (Dancing Shiva) Brass Idol


INR 1,56,875


This most exquisite Lord Nataraja idol in His traditional form in shining brass, depicts the Lord performing Tandava (Cosmic dance of creation and destruction). In this Idol Lord Nataraja is depicted with a serene expression, along with a slight smile, representing His calmness despite being immersed in the contrasting forces of universe and his energetic dance. He is surrounded by an arc of flames seen behind Him, signifying the cosmic fire and His field of dance, which is the Universe. This arc is designed beautifully enhancing the overall look of the idol. The Lord is depicted standing on one leg trampling on dwarf demon Apasmara (who symbolizes spiritual ignorance and illusion), with His other leg raised in a dancing posture. His four arms are depicted in different positions, with one hand holding a flame, another holding a drum, the lower right hand is in the Abhaya mudra, a gesture of blessing with protection and the lower left arm sweeps across his torso with the hand pointing to his left foot in the gesture of Gaja Hasta, symbol of salvation and liberation. A snake is seen sliding down from His left lower arm, with its hood up His long, matted tresses, are shown to be loose and flying out in strands spread into a fan on the sides of His face depicting the ecstasy of the dance. The ornaments that the Lord is wearing are seen clearly. The posture of the idol is highly symbolic, representing the balance between creation and destruction, and the cyclical nature of life

The splendid piece of artwork is crafted with precision and care in high-quality brass, which is a metal known for its durability. The base is also adorned with intricate carvings, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the idol. The Brass idol of Nataraja is crafted to near perfection. The premium Lord Nataraja idol is not just a piece of artwork but also a powerful symbol of spirituality and devotion. The idol is believed to bring peace, prosperity, and positive energy to its surroundings, making it an ideal addition to any home, office, or puja altar. This idol can be placed in homes for adding to the decor. Many students and practitioners of dance and dramatic arts worship the Nataraj for of Lord Shiva and would love to install this outstanding Brass Nataraj idol.

Nataraja, meaning Lord of the Dance is a form of Lord Shiva as the cosmic dancer. The word Nataraja is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Nata’ meaning dance and ‘Raja’ meaning king, thus making Lord Nataraja the king of dance. The Nataraj form is symbolic of Lord Shiva as the lord of dance and dramatic arts. Lord Nataraja is widely worshipped in South India, particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Chidambaram temple in Tamil Nadu is one of the most famous temples dedicated to Lord Nataraja.

Height: 37 inches
Base Dimension: 29 (L) x 11 (W) inches
Weight: 34.3 kgs