Moonstone Bracelet with german silver balls


INR 625


Origin: India

Moonstone beads strung with german silver balls as a trendy bracelet.

The Moon Stone is a highly valued gem because it is said to be bring good fortune, enhance intuition, bring success in love and protect the wearer. It is, as the name suggests, associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana. The best time to wear it is when there is a full moon.

It is regarded as a very personal stone in that it reflects the nature of the person who wears it. It is a stone that helps build inner strength and is very useful during meditation to understand oneself. The Moon Stone stimulates the functioning of the pineal gland and balances the internal hormone cycles with nature's rhythms. Although widely considered to be a gemstone for use by women, it can be beneficial to men in connecting with their emotional self.

Bead size: 8 mm
No. of beads: 23
Length: 7.5 inches