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About Moonstone Bracelets

Moonstone Bracelets

What is the price range of Moonstone Bracelets?

Moonstone Bracelet prices may vary as per the size, cut and no. of beads used in the bracelet. When the bracelets are customized and other combinations are created with different gemstones the price rises accordingly. Our collection also has bracelets made by combining sacred Rudraksha beads and Moonstone beads for dual benefits.

Where to buy a Moonstone Bracelet?

Buying Gemstone Bracelets from a reputable company like Rudra Centre is important to get genuine products. Go through our credentials, user ratings and reviews for assurance. With the certificate of authenticity, you are further assured that you are buying only the best gemstone bracelets. Often there are sellers who sell treated and heated gemstones. We also recommended buying natural gemstones (that are non-heated and untreated) for gaining all the benefits.

How to clean a Moonstone Bracelet?

To simply clean the Moonstone Gemstone Bracelet, use a small-sized brush with soft bristles. It will thoroughly clean the inner edges of the bracelet. Also, it can be wiped gently with a wet cloth dipped in a solution of a mild chemical-free detergent and some lukewarm water.

Moonstone Bracelet Benefits

  • It improves self-confidence and balances the energies within
  • It brings emotional stability and pacifies anger
  • It attracts love and brings peace to love relationships
  • It regulates the sleep cycle and is good for health
  • It is great for blood circulation and staying fit
  • It brings good luck and tremendous success
  • It gives the wearer a better understanding of his/her inner abilities

Why wear a Moonstone Bracelet?

Wearing a Moonstone Gemstone Bracelet benefits the wearer in different ways. It is famous for its healing properties and used by several shaman healers and other healers. It can be used by couples who have fights or discord and wish to reinvent their romantic relationship with each other. This stone is known for both emotional and physical healing which is why it should be used in a natural form. Treated gemstones may look good but they do not have the original qualities and the power to heal.

Which hand to wear Moonstone Bracelet?

The beautiful and lustrous Moonstone Gemstone Bracelet should be worn in the right hand to gain maximum benefits. Please clarify a few things on the wearing instructions.

Moonstone Bracelet Properties

Moonstone Bracelet can be worn by females who want to conceive a baby as it is considered to be a stone of fertility. It is helpful for curing disorders related to the reproductive organs. Those who have problems with falling asleep often can also wear this bracelet. Moonstone balances the sleep cycle of the wearer. The beads in the bracelet are so powerful that they maintain the balance of male and female energies within an individual. Many travellers also wear this for protection and courage.

How can I authenticate original and fake Moonstone Bracelets?

There are a few easy ways to know if a Moonstone is fake or real. Moonstone does not refract the light at any angle which is more than 15 degrees. Hold a Moonstone at an angle greater than 15 degrees and check if the light diverts. If it does, it is a fake gemstone and if it doesn’t then it is definitely a genuine stone. Apart from this, natural Moonstone beads will have a blue-ish lustre. The third method to check the gemstone is to hold it against light and see if layered structures appear inside. If the stone is real, it will have separate layers, unlike fake synthetic stones that have a blurred view.

Moonstone Bracelet Making Options (Silver, Gold, or any other metal)

We provide all types of customizations so one can get the bracelet designed as per their taste and vision. There are different combinations of Moonstone and Rudraksha as well as other gemstones available. You can also get a Gold Moonstone bracelet customized from us.

Why wear Energized Moonstone Bracelets?

An energized Moonstone Bracelet will always give better results than a non-energized bracelet. The procedure of energizing a spiritual product involves chanting sacred mantras that infuse the highly elevated energies in it. This is extremely important to check if your gemstone jewellery is energized for obtaining great results.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energized or charged Moonstone Bead Bracelets?

We have energized gemstone jewellery for the well-being of our customers. The top quality Moonstone Bracelets offer the best benefits and transform the lives of the wearer. Our Pundits at Rudra Centre follow the Vedic scriptures and energize the Bracelets with accurate mantra chanting. Order a Moonstone healing bracelet today and feel the positive changes.

What are the Moonstone Bracelet side effects? (If worn without consultation)

So far, no side effects of wearing a genuine Moonstone Bracelet have been observed. It is a cool stone with a healing effect to soothe the wearer and protects from negativity. The only thing to remember is to stop wearing the bracelet if any bead is damaged or broken. It is suggested to consult an expert before wearing a combination of Moonstone and other gemstones.

Can I wear a Moonstone Bracelet every day?

Yes, the Moonstone bracelet is apt for wearing every day and we have gorgeous pieces to suit formal and informal attire.

Why buy Moonstone Bracelets online from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has a diverse variety of Moonstone Bracelet designs for daily and occasional wear. Select from our array of elegantly crafted bracelets made by weaving natural Moonstone beads. We have bracelets of uncut Moonstone beads, Silver Moonstone bracelet with 2 Mukhi Rudraksha, Moonstone bracelet of round beads, White Moonstone bracelet, Natural Moonstone stretch bracelet of washer beads, etc. The bracelets are beautifully handwrought by our artisans and energized by our Pundits. Shop online from us and get the best from available Moonstone Bracelets for sale.