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Nandi in Crystal - 222 gms


INR 17,775


This crystal-clear idol of Nandi (Bull) with embellishments of quilt and jewels is meticulously sculpted in natural sphatik (crystal quartz). Nandi is featured in relaxed seated pose with its tail tucked signifying complete submission and surrender to the divine. The right leg of Nandi in slightly bend denoting eternal wait for the Lord with alertness. Sphatik is the stone of resonance, which amplifies the energies that we think and pray over it. A Sphatik Nandi at home attracts divine grace, peace, positivity and provides protection from negative energies. Place the Nandi near the Shivalingam such that it faces the Shiva Lingam.

Height: 2.2 inches
Base dimension: 3 (L) x 1.5 (B) Inches
Weight: 222 gms