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About Nandi-Idols

About Gemstone Nandi Idol(Murti)

Gemstone Nandi Idols are carved out of different Gemstones like Jade, Sphatik, Sunstone, etc. Nandi, the Bull, is Lord Shiva's Vahan (vehicle), the gatekeeper of Mount Kailash, and a perfect devotee of the Lord. Nandi is always in a meditative mode, symbolizes patience too, waiting to serve every order of His Master. Nandi idols are always seen in Lord Shiva temples, installed in the entrance, facing the Shivalinga. The Gemstone Nandi Murtis are for keeping at home or workspace facing your Shivalinga.

Gemstones have high-frequency vibrations. The Gemstone Nandi idols have the added attribute of the particular Gemstone it is made of. Lord Shiva devotees revere Nandi and so along with the Divine Bull's blessings, the healing energies of the gemstone also have its positive effect on the worshipper of Lord Shiva. In fact, Nandi idols are a must to be kept with the Shivalinga, as He is the constant companion of Lord Shiva.

When you buy a Gemstone Nandi idol, ensure it is made of natural gemstone. Gemstones that are treated and heated lose their original properties and therefore do not give the desired outcome.

Where to Buy Gemstone Nandi Idols

Rudra Centre offers an extensive collection of high quality, natural Gemstone Nandi murtis carved meticulously and in detail from single piece Gemstones. They are a perfect addition to your Alter with Shivling. When you browse our site you will find Gemstone Nandi idols made of Green Jade, Sunstone, Sphatik, etc. Our Gemstone idols are energized and ready to use. Buy Gemstone Nandi idol online with us, at the best price. Once you place your order, our efficient team ensures that you receive your order in a few days, depending on your location.

List of Gemstone Nandi Murtis with Us

Green Jade Nandi idol - Green Jade gemstone is admired for its enticing Green color. We offer different designs, made beautifully, like, Green Jade Nandi idols which have long-lasting hand paint adorning them, etc. Green Jade Nandi idol, heals the Heart, harmonizes relationships, brings prosperity, is good to meditate on as it helps to connect with the Divine realm and is protected too.

Sphatik Crystal Nandi idol - Nandi idol made of Sphatik or Quartz/Crystal gemstone made in detail and is popular. Sphatik gemstone is known to amplify the intention it is programmed with, so the Sphatik Crystal Nandi idol is in alignment with the worshipper's desire. Sphatik or Quartz Crystal is said to be a pure stone that clears negative energies and replaces them with pure positive energies, soothes the mind, and ushers other benefits to the worshipper.

Tiger Eye Nandi idol - Carved from100% natural Tiger Eye gemstone, the Tiger Eye Nandi idol when installed brings balance by grounding your energies, it brings good luck, strength, courage, motivation, patience, and tolerance power.

Black Jade Nandi Idol - Made from Natural Black Jade gemstone, the Black Jade Nandi idol compliments Nandi's qualities as the gemstone has calming energies, is protective just like Nandi guards the Lord Shiva's abode, and many such Divine qualities which benefit the worshipper.

We have many other options for Gemstone Nandi murtis when you browse our site.

Gemstone Nandi Idol Benefits

It is mandatory to pay reverence and worship Nandi when you worship the Shivling, which is Lord Shiva in abstract infinite form. Nandi's story narrates that He had done austere penance to be accepted by Lord Shiva as His Vahana and gatekeeper. Nandi's idols are always in a sitting meditative posture with one of His feet slightly raised, teaching devotees to alert in a meditative state. He also shows us to be the power of submission to God and the quality of always being ready to serve the Divine's will.

  • It is a common practice among devotees to whisper in Nandi's ear what he/she desires to get the wish fulfilled faster as He carries the message quickly to Lord Shiva.
  • Worshiping Gemstone Nandi murti blesses with patience and tolerance to everything or everyone.
  • Nandi bestows strength, courage, and focus to be an absolute devotee of Lord Shiva.
  • Gemstone Nandi idols protect the worshipper and space from negative energies.
  • All devotees of Lord Shiva are supported by Nandi with His attributes.

Why Buy from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantras, and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience. When you buy the Gemstone Nandi idols from us, you get astrological-approved, flawless gemstones with a certificate. The Gemstone Nandi Murti you buy is energized by following all Vedic rituals and is ready to use.