Nandi in Rose Quartz - 30 gms


INR 450


A lovely Nandi Idol crafted from natural Rose Quarz Gemstone is a must for your Puja Alter at home and workplace. Nandi, the sacred Bull, is always seen sitting facing the Shivling in Lord Shiva temples. A devout devotee of Lord Shiva and His vehicle or Vahana, Nandi represents restrained power, protection, calmness, balance, sincerity in devotion and submission to His Master, Lord Shiva.

Nandi in Rose Quartz brings peace, tranquillity of mind, love, compassion, helps to forgive self and others. Gemstones emanate high frequency vibration and along with the protection of Nandi, eliminates harmful, lower energies from the space it is installed. Wishes whispered to Nandi are conveyed to Lord Shiva and are fulfilled, for the highest good of the devotee.

Buy the Nandi in Rose Quartz and place it in your Puja Alter facing the Shivling and experience love, joy and enhanced devotion and faith in Divine.

Height: 28.01 mm
Base Dimension: 41.38 (L) x 24.14 (W) mm
Weight: 30 gms