Nandi In Tiger Eye - 26 gms


INR 650


A Nandi idol craved with precision from natural Tiger Eye Gemstone looks attractive. Nandi, the sacred Bull, is Lord Shiva's Vahana(vehicle), His ardent devotee, an integral part of Shiva Parivar and in Lord Shiva temples. A Shivling in the Puja Alter at home/office is incomplete without Nandi idol.

The Nandi in Tiger Eye brings the combined energies of Nandi and the Tiger Eye Gemstone. It brings emotional and mental balance, helps to be calm, eliminates miseries and bestows good luck, prosperity, joy, power, protects the devotee from evil and harmful energies, enhances wisdom, patience, devotion and trust in the Divine.

Install Nandi in Tiger Eye in your Puja Alter to fulfil your desires, as Nandi conveys the wishes of devotees to Lord Shiva, who benevolently grants them.

Height - 24.51 mm
Base - 40.05 (L) x 20.96 (W) mm
Weight: 26 gms