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Nandi in White Quartz - 38 gms


INR 775


A lustrous Nandi idol well crafted from 100% natural White Quartz Gemstone. Nandi is the Celestial Bull, the Vahana(vehicle) and dedicated devotee of Lord Shiva, who also guards the gates of Mount Kailash, Lord Shiva's abode.

Nandi in White Quartz is apt for placing in Puja Alter at home, facing the Shivling. Nandi epitomises calmness, power, surrender, patience, wisdom and devotion. Nandi in White Quartz clears negative energies, soothes the nerves, calms the mind. The power and positive energies of Nandi gets amplified because White Quartz amplifies energies. When devotees chant Mantras, the presence of Nandi in White Quartz amplifies it, the protective energies of Nandi shields the space and White Quartz supports meditation on Lord Shiva or Divine energies.

Buy Nandi in White Quartz to invite peace, pure energies, prosperity, harmony and convey your wishes by whispering them to Nandi as He carries them to Lord Shiva to be fulfilled.

Height: 34.70 mm
Base Dimension: 51.55 (L) x 15.43 (W) mm
Weight: 38 gms