Nandi the Bull in Black Marble - V


INR 20,900


A lustrous idol of Nandi, the Bull, flawlessly carved in shining Black Marble is apt for keeping in the Puja room or Alter, facing the Shivlinga. Nandi is Lord Shiva's vehicle, a perfect devotee and also guards the gates of Mt. Kailash, Lord Shiva's abode. He is a part of the Shiva family. The idol of Nandi is a permanent feature in Shiva temples, sitting outside the main temple/the sanctum sanctorum, facing the Shiva Linga and devotees first pray to Him before entering the main Mandir. Devotees believe that Nandi conveys their wishes to Lord Shiva and so it is a common practice among devotees to whisper their wishes in His ears to get wishes fulfilled faster. The celestial Bull, Nandi represents wisdom, controlled power, protection, calmness, patience, joy, surrender and devotion.

The idol of Nandi, the Bull, in Black Marble is brilliantly crafted in detail of structure, posture and facial features. The string of bells around His neck, the back-cloth with designs and the adornment on His face, are dexterously carved. Though Nandi is very powerful physically and otherwise, He sits in complete submission to Lord Shiva, with His tail tucked in. His alertness is apparent as His front right foot is placed slightly forward, ready to take action. This idol of Nandi is carved as per the specifications in the ancient texts.

Buy the idol of Nandi, the Bull in Black Marble for your Puja Alter at home or office for protection, to fulfil your desires and for the blessings of Nandi and Lord Shiva.

Design: Made in black marble

Height: 10 inches
Base Dimension : 11 (L) x 5.5 (W) Inches
Weight: approx. 11.945 Kgs