Narasimha Lakshmi statue in brass - I


INR 4,185


Divine Idol of Lord Narasimha with His consort Goddess Laxmi has been crafted in traditional style in shining brass. The idol with fine carving features Lord Narsimha in his Malola (calm) form. He is seated in Lalitasana on a Lotus and is majestically decked with jewels. His right hand is raised in abhay mudra, the gesture of assurance of protection and left arm is embracing Goddess Laxmi. He is holding Conch and Chakra in is His upper arms and has an aura chakra behind His head. Goddess Laxmi is seated on left lap of Lord Narsimha and holding a Lotus in Her right hand and has a Lotus beneath Her feet. Lord Narsimha is the one, Who protects during the time of need and bestows power and victory and Goddess Laxmi bestows abundance and fortune. The idol would look charming and divine when placed in your puja altar, living area or work desk.

Height: 5.9 inches
Base Dimension: 3 (L) x 2.7 (W) inches
Weight: 1.428 Kgs