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Narasimha Lakshmi statue in brass - II


INR 7,815


Lord Narasimha in this idol sits with a calm expression on a Divine serpent Sheshnaag. In the relaxed posture of Lalithasana. Goddess Laxmi is seated on the left lap of Lord Narasimha with His lower left arm holding her. The Lord's lower right hand is raised in the blessing Abhaya mudra assuring protection and the Shankh and the Sudarshan chakra in held individually in His upper two arms. Goddess Laxmi is blessing in the Abhaya mudra with her lower right arm and in her lower left palm she is seen holding a small pot, which symbolizes the pot of abundance to be bestowed as blessings on Her devotees. The multiple heads of Sheshnaag is protectively covering Lord Narasimha and Goddess laxmi.

To usher the blessings of Lord Narasimha's protection and Goddess Laxmi's prosperity, this Idol is installed in the altar and prayer to by devotees.

Height: 9 inches
Base dimension: 4.6 (L) x 3.3 (W) inches
Weight: 2.708 kgs