Narayana Statue


INR 3,835


This sacred idol of Lord Narayan crafted in brass is fashioned in south Indian art form. Lord Narayan is featured standing on coiled Shesha serpent ascending from back to form an umbrella with its multiple hoods above the head of Lord. Gracefully adorned with ornaments and neat clothing, Lord Vishnu looks truly charming. He is raising his right hand in blessing pose and holds Koumodaki gada (mace) in lower left hand signifying authority and power of knowledge. His upper arms are holding Sudarshan Chakra (disk) in upper right arm which signifies restoration of dharma to maintain equilibrium and preserve righteousness. He is holding conch in upper left arm which signifies interconnected cyclic existence. Lord Vishnu is the preserving energy of Universe. With His divine blessings, one attains wealth, fame, success and bliss. The idol due to graceful craftsmanship would look beautiful when placed in your puja altar or living area or place of work for divine grace..

Mantra: Om Namah Bhagwatey Vasudevaya
Height: 7.5 inches
Base Dimension: 2.7 (L) x 1.6 (W) inches
Weight: 972 gms