Navgraha Idols in Brass


INR 36,500


This divine set of 9 divine idols portrays Navagraha Deities artistically crafted in shinning brass. All Navargrahas are featured in Their divine form seated on Their respective Vahan (mount). They are holding Their weapons and raising Their right hand in blessing pose. The idols charmingly designed on flat dais with neat and shining finish are ideal to use during grand puja ceremonies. The idols feature – Surya(Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Ketu (South Lunar Node), Rahu (North Lunar Node), Shani (Saturn), Buddh(Mercury), Shukra (Venus) and Guru (Jupiter). Worshipping Navgraha helps lessen their malefic effects and helps attain four objectives of life-dharma/religion, artha/money, kama/pleasure and moksha/salvation. You can place the idols in your puja altar or in living area for auspiciousness and divine blessings.

Mantra: Om Suryae Namah, Chandrae Namah, Budhae Namah, Brahaspatiae Namah, Mangale Namah, Shukrae Namah, Sani Ae Namah, Rahu Ae Namah, Ketu Ae Namah, Navgarahe Namah.

Height of each Idol: Approx. 7.10 Inches
Base Diameter of each Idol: Approx. 6 (L) x 3 (B) Inches
Weight of set: 15.865 Kgs