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Navgraha Idols Set in Various Designs

Buy the Navagraha Idols set online at the best price online. These Navgraha idols set are one of the most divine possessions that one may have in their homes. These Navagraha idols are available in various attractive designs and make. The exclusive set of nine divine celestial deity idols include Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Ketu (South Lunar Node), Rahu (North Lunar Node), Shani (Saturn), Buddh(Mercury), Shukra (Venus) and Guru (Jupiter). All the idols of the Navagraha set are artistically designed by our in-house skilled and experienced artisans in shinning brass. Every planetary deity that represents each planet is intricately crafted in a seated position on their respective mounts, holding their respective weapons. Every planetary deity idol that belongs to the Navagraha set has their right hands crafted in the ‘Abhaya mudra’ which is a gesture of blessing and reassurance.

Making online purchases is the safest way of shopping and all the idols that we offer are energised and blessed and energised by our in-house pundits. The activated energies that these idols possess and spread in the house or the place where you install them and amplify your desires and manifest them while offering you with other benefits. All these Navagraha murtis that we offer are crafted on a flat dais which forms a stable and strong base for the idols to stand.

Benefits of Worshipping Navgraha idols or Murtis

Worshipping the Navgraha idols everyday helps to ward off the malefic effects of the 9 Planets or Navgraha. It also helps to attain the four important objectives of life namely Dharma (religion), Artha (Money), Karma (Deeds) and Moksha (Salvation). Given below are some of the benefits each planet offers respectively

  • Planet Saturn(Shani) blesses one with the sense of responsibility, discipline, offers new opportunities and makes one choose and decide wisely and makes one successful
  • Planet Jupiter (Guru) enhances wisdom, offers mental and spiritual growth, offers abundance, recognition and success.
  • Planet Sun (Surya)offers lessons to live in the “Now” (present). It makes one realise their true potential and helps one to be their best version. It makes one responsible and independent, offers mental stability and peace, helps to balance emotions, it offers growth in professional and personal life.
  • Planet Mercury (Buddh)inculcates rational thinking and helps one behave rationally. It offers mental stability and helps one to overcome fear, enhances communication skills and offers stability in every walk of life.
  • Planet Moon (Chandra) help one to maintain emotional balance. Makes one mentally stable and offers relief from stomach related issues. Makes one getdesired partner
  • Planet Venus (Shukra) It bestows magnetic personality and makes one balance materialistic wants
  • Planet Mars (Mangal)helps us to become stable, boosts decision making ability Planet Rahu (North Lunar Node)helps to improve personal and professional life, offers financial stability, removes obstacles and elevates spiritually.
  • Planet Ketu (South Lunar Node) Ketu fills life with obstacles to teach you how to overcome them. Makes one spiritually strong

Position of Navgraha Idols at Home or Temple

Each planet is associated with a specific direction. Given below are the planets and the directions they rule

  • Plant Saturn rules the direction West.
  • Jupiter rules the direction North-East
  • Sun rules the direction East
  • Mercury rules the direction North
  • Moon rules the direction North-West
  • Venus rules the direction South-East
  • Mars rules the direction South
  • Rahu rules the direction South-West
  • Ketu rules the direction North-east

The Navagraha deity idols are installed according to the directions they rule. According to Hindu customs, the Navagraha deity idols are generally installedin the same space but according to the alignment mentioned in ancient holy texts, the idol of Sun (Surya) is installed in the centre of the altar. Remember, the Navagraha idols should not face each other. In the temples of South India the Navagraha deity idols are installed in different rooms of the temple.

Buy Navgraha Idol set at Best Prices Online

You may purchase the Navgraha idols online. At Rudra Centre you can buy the Navagraha idols set at best price online. The Navgraha murtis that we offer are made by our highly skilled and experienced artisans. An eye for detailing andfinesse is what makes the Navgraha murti set exclusive and distinguished. Installing the Navagraha idols in the puja altar of your house or in your office helps to attract positivity, wards off the malefic of every planet and offers a range of benefits as mentioned above. Along with offering you the option of making your purchases online we make sure to energise each of the murtis.

We at Rudra Centre also guide you on the placement of the Navagraha murti set. Placement plays a pivotal role when you buy Navagraha idols, deity idols, varule.stu products and other spiritual products. The metals used for crafting the Navagraha murtis are of supreme quality. Also, all the murtis that we offer are energised and blessed by our in-house pundits who hold a rich experience and who are from Varanasi and Banaras. You can choose from a wide range of Navagraha murti sets that we have displayed online. Hurry up! As the Navagraha idol set that we offer is one of our best selling products.