Navratna Pendent - Design II


INR 4,500

INR 4,500


Beautiful Navratna Pendant in pure silver. This beautiful and attractive Navratna Pendant is made in silver with high quality, natural, nine gemstones - Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Pearl, Coral, Hessonite, Cat's eye, White Zircon and Emerald.

NAVRATNA - The Navratna or nine gems influencing the nine planets are: Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Red Coral (Mars), Emerald (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), White Zircon (Venus), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Hessonite (Rahu) and Cat's Eye (Ketu). They are considered to bring good luck to the wearer . They look attractive and charming and bring about all different colour rays into the aura of the person.

Pendant would be attached to red/black thread.