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About Navratna Stone

Navratna Stone Jewellery

Navaratna is an arrangement of nine precious gems namely Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s Eye, Hessonite (Gomed). Each gemstone is associated with a planet and has its own healing and spiritual properties that benefit the wearer. These gems are widely found across various regions in the world and are famous for their curative effects. Our range of Navratna Jewellery is exclusively designed to be adorned by both men and women.

Associated Planets

Following are the planets associated with the Navaratna gemstones:

Ruby- Sun
Diamond- Venus
Blue Sapphire- Saturn
Yellow Sapphire- Jupiter
Emerald- Mercury
Red Coral- Mars
Pearl- Moon
Cat’s Eye- Ketu
Hessonite/Gomed- Rahu

Each of the above gemstones emits different colors that create a positive aura and give the best benefits to the wearer when worn according to the position of a particular planet on the natal chart.

Astrological Importance

As per Vedic astrology, a person’s life is influenced by the placement of nine planets on his/her birth chart. These nine planets have positive as well as negative effects and the Navratna stones help in pacifying the malefic of the planets. Every precious stone emits healing energies that are beneficial to the wearer but it is advisable to consult an expert before wearing any gemstone. Since each gemstone is related to a planet, the Navratna jewelry is effective in maintaining astrological balance.


  • Reduces the malefic of all nine planets and attracts the benefits.
  • Removes hurdles from the path and keeps you safe from the evil eye.
  • Attracts positive energies of all nine planets.
  • Gives mental peace and positivity.
  • Brings good luck and strengthens the positive influences of all planets.
  • Helps achieve victory and brings prosperity.
  • Ruby gives longevity and success.
  • Diamond bestows the wearer with power and wealth.
  • Blue Sapphire is related to love, maturity, and tolerance.
  • Yellow Sapphire represents compassion and wisdom.
  • Emerald enhances communication skills and improves memory.
  • Red Coral gives the courage and ability to win.
  • Pearl is associated with mental and emotional stability.
  • Cat’s Eye gives clarity of thoughts to the wearer.
  • Gomed (Hessonite) enables the wearer to know himself.

Which stone is suitable for which Dosha?

Various gemstones offer benefits to cure different Dosha and they are listed below:

Kaal Sarpa Dosha- Gomed can be worn during the main phase of Rahu and Cat’s Eye during the phase of Ketu.

Chandal Dosha- Yellow Sapphire can be worn during Guru Chandal Yog.

According to Ayurveda, there are 3 doshas that cause problems like indigestion, anxiety, heart diseases, skin problems, weight issues, etc, and the following are the gemstones suitable to cure them:

  • Vata is composed of Space and Air- Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Heliodor, Aquamarine
  • Pitta is composed of Fire and Water – Ruby, Pearl, Yellow Citrine, Diamond
  • Kapha is composed of Earth and Water- Coral, Cat’s Eye, Red Garnet

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is a leading brand in the world of spiritual products and with over 22,000+ testimonials, we strive to keep offering top-quality products to our clients. We only sell non-heated and untreated gemstones that are 100% natural. Heating the gemstones degrades their quality, and hence, it is essential to check the authenticity of the gems. We provide a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure of the high quality and its effectiveness. We have a variety of options including Navratna ring, pendant, earrings, and loose stones. You can buy original Navratna rings and other jewelry online from our Rudraksha Ratna shop.

Original Navratna Stones Price

The Navaratna stone’s price varies according to their size, shape, and ornament that you get embedded in. While the silver Navaratna ring price depends on the design that you choose, you can also make it in gold according to your preference. There are various patterns and intricate designs available in the Navaratna Jewellery collection that you can adorn with grace and imbibe the positive benefits.