Neelkant Ji Photo in Golden Sheet - Large


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Neelkant with auspicious Lingam exquisitely portrayed in Golden Sheet.

Shiva is "The Auspicious One". He is the creator as well as the destroyer. He creates goodness and destroys evil.

Shivji is called as Neelkant after he drank up the venom.

According to Hindu mythology it was the place where Shiva drank up the venom (which emanated during the ' Samudra Manthan') churned out of the ocean, to save the world from the evil, death and destruction. It is said that Lord Shiva had the immense capacity to stop the venom from entering his body and thus reserved it in his throat forever. The poison did not harm him but turned his throat murky blue, thus giving Shiva the name of Neelkanth. It is believed that the event occurred here in this place where the temple is located.

A perfect Deity photo for your puja altar.